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Spelling & Vocabulary Software for School, SAT or Spelling Bee Contests

Learn Spellings, Synonyms, Pronunciation & Vocabulary
mySpellingGenie is Windows based software application to learn English language words spellings, synonyms, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Software helps student prepare for School, SAT or Spelling Bee contests. The software includes pre-built word list for NSF Spelling Bee contest. For other competitions, software provides feature to import list of words.
Additional words can be added to the pre-built word list or to new word list.

Compatible with:   Windows 7, Vista, Windows 200x, XP, Me
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Main features
1 Easy to use English dictionary software application.
2 Build your own word list or use pre-built word list (NSF Spelling Bee Competition).
3 Individual account for each user of the software application with login id and password.
4 Information about word is provided from reliable source - Dictionary.com.
5 Most words are pronounced using a natural human voice.
6 Practice test feature allows user to practice word spellings, pronunciation & definitions.

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